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Prices for the items are the base prices. The price of the items will increase with flavor additions, detail work, fondant sculpting, etc.

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Soft and moist cupcakes with creamy and smooth buttercream icing. Customize flavors to your favorite combinations.

One Dozen $23.99

Two Dozen $47.99

Three Dozen $71.99



The same soft and moist batter used in our cupcakes, baked together to make a beautiful cake. Buttercream icing tops it off to create a stunning look and heavenly taste.

6 Inch $34.99

8 Inch $44.99

10 Inch $49.99

Quarter Sheet $44.99

Half Sheet $59.99



Perfect to order for any gathering or to have all to yourself. Light and flaky crust surrounds the filling of your choice. Sweet potato, pumpkin, fruit, chocolate, lemon, coconut, peanut butter... you name it!

Pricing begins at $24.99



From classic chocolate chip to snickerdoodle, these are a perfect sized treat for you and your loved ones. Soft, chewy, and perfect!

Dozen $14.99

Two Dozen $29.99


French Macarons

Samantha's favorite treat from Europe! Creamy buttercream frosting sandwiched between two delicate, soft French cookies.

SIngle $1.99 

Half Dozen $11.99

dozen $23.99

two dozen $47.99


Dinner Rolls

Slightly sweet dinner rolls with a buttery and salty taste! Soft and spongey on the inside, surrounded by a thin and perfect crust. Rolls come frozen. Bring to room temperature and allow to double in size before baking at 375 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Dozen rolls $19.99


Sugar Cookies

Our buttery sugar cookies decorated to your liking. Perfect for every occasion!

For custom orders they are sold by the dozen.

Dozen $29.99


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