Our Coffee

Let’s talk about coffee… We LOVE Coffee. Not enjoying a nice, warm cup of joe in the morning can mess up your whole day!

At Samantha’s Sweets Bakery, we believe local is just better especially when it comes to coffee. That is why when we sat down to decide which coffee company to partner with it was an easy choice and that choice was Mountain Bird Coffee & Tea Company.

We knew it from the first pot we brewed up at home that we wanted to have this delicious coffee brewing everyday, all day at the shop! We are local people brewing local coffee, and we believe that makes all the difference.

Mountain Bird Coffee & Tea Company


At Mountain Bird, they consider it their responsibility to provide coffee that is Approachable, Sustainable, and Traceable. The beans they roast are predominately Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Green Coffee Beans. They cut out the middle-man and provide farm-to-cup freshly roasted beans, and in doing so can to pay their farmers more than fair trade.

 What is Brewing at Samantha’s

Drip Coffee

Morning Bird Blend (Medium Dark Roast)*

Origin : Costa Rica, Colombia, and Guatemala


Phantom Espresso

Flavor Profile: Bright & Floral

*12 oz bags available for purchase in shop

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