Our Buttercream


Swiss-Meringue Buttercream

Our Buttercream is different… and we like it! When we sat down and figured out how we wanted to differentiate ourselves from cupcakes that were already in town at the grocery stores, the first stop was Buttercream.

The typical mass-produced cupcake features a dollop of American Buttercream on top. Homemade American Buttercream is made by creaming butter then adding in powdered sugar, vanilla, and cream. It is dense, grittier, and very sweet.

It is the most common type of buttercream, but as I said earlier, we wanted to be different! We wanted you to be able to pick our cupcake out of a line-up and with confidence, say, “That came from Samantha’s Sweets!” And we feel like we have succeeded.

Our cupcakes feature a swirl of Swiss-Meringue Buttercream. We start by double boiling egg whites and sugar, after it has reached the correct temperature we whip that into a meringue, and then we mix in A TON of real butter. We then add a splash of Singing Dog Vanilla Extract. This results in a lighter, smoother buttercream that we believe produces a better tasting cupcake.

You can find our buttercream swirled on top of a delicate cupcake, sandwiched between two cookies, frosted onto you favorite cake, piped into our French Macarons!

American Buttercream is available upon request for custom orders.