A Confession

Hey all!

Today, I have a confession.

It’s a little embarrassing and hard for me to put this out there, but I’m a believer that writing is healing, so here we are.

I do not feel like I am good enough to own a bakery.

Well, Samantha, you’re pretty far into it now, so why do you feel this way? I often find myself looking at the Facebook pages of my “competition” and see how beautiful and perfect and creative their cakes are, but mine are sub-par in my eyes. I feel instantly defeated.

It’s so easy for me to get sucked down this vicious hole even though I know it’s Satan trying to drag me down. I have to make myself stop what I’m doing and take some time to pray. It’s incredibly hard for me because I want to give my customers the absolute best and I beat myself down when I feel like I have failed.

Jesus tells me that I am enough.

He tells me that I don’t need to feel inferior because I have just started on this cake adventure and others have had more time to practice. I don’t feel talented enough to open a bakery, but he tells me that if He has called me to it, he will equip me to do it.

Maybe this is too much information to share with my customers. Maybe I should just hold it all in and suck it up and pretend to be confident in my skills. But the truth is that I just want to keep it real with y’all. I don’t want to put on a faćade for y’all. I want to learn and do better and be the best baker/cake decorator I can be. So I will keep pushing on. Meanwhile, I am SO thankful for my customers who have given me the freedom and opportunity to learn and grow in this field. You may never understand how much I appreciate it.

I know that I am not the only one who compares myself to others and beats themselves up. So if you’re there with me, let this be a reminder to pray and let Jesus tell you that you are enough and the He is with you.